Gaming is gaining popularity in recent years with statistics showing a rise in participants and revenue growth over the past five years. Projections predict future growth as well. This has been attributed greatly to the flexibility offered by the variety of games available.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games are one of the most popular online games. Casino games are available in almost any other betting site there is out there. An example of such a game is the blackjack. The game in itself is very popular. This is due to various reasons. One such reason is the ease of learning it. On top of that, the game offers a fairly good chance of winning and there is a higher probability of retaining money. As much as it is gambling, there’s some skill involved. Skilled players can use their expertise to influence the aspect of luck in their favor.

Most online casino games have adopted the mobile platform and are now available via dedicated apps. If you go to your phone’s app store and search for, say, the Android App – Unibet, you get a nice platform to easily access games in the online casino.


Electronic sports, popularly known as Esports, is a video game kind of competition. They are usually organized games with different playing modes. They vary from single-player to multiplayer and are sometimes played among professional players. This was not the case until recent times. In the early years, online electronic games were played for fun by amateurs.

The most popular of genres include Real-Time Strategy, Fighting and First-Person Shooter, commonly referred to as FPS. A good example of an E-sport game in the FPS genre is the Call of Duty (CoD). It is regarded as one the greatest games of its time. A game which launched with a world war setting has certainly evolved to fit in the modern gaming world. It’s currently available in 3D and virtual reality.

Computer Games

Computer games is a term that can be used to describe almost every video game there is. Computers may be classified further into consoles, handheld consoles, mobile phone games, and even PC games. Consoles are single purpose computers tasked with gaming only. Consoles are used with monitors and controllers to provide a user interface. An example is Sony’s PlayStation which supports games like E.A Sports’ FIFA. FIFA is football series which has even been programmed to play in Mobile phone devices as well as in personal computers.