Gaming is currently taking over the current generation at a very fast rate. These games first began as computer games and have been evolving since. There then came the emergence of the console games as technology grew. Players were then able to participate in small tournament using a console. The console then improved their models to allow players to participate in online gaming. Players can now participate in tournaments online from anywhere around the world. The competition between console companies; PlayStation and X-Box has also helped the companies improve their products. Here are some of the most known gaming competitions around the world.

The International

This competition is well-known since it began in 2011. It attracts several teams from all over the world. This is currently among the highest paid e-sports competitions around the world. The tournament gives an award price of about $25 million in total. Teams that want to get into the competition have to first participate in a small tournament which is referred to as Dota Pro Competition Circuit. From there, 18 best teams are picked from the smaller tournament. These teams are then sent to try their luck in the major tournament.

The Extreme Masters

This a series tournament that takes a very long time. This competition is known to host a couple of tournaments at different places around the globe. It is later wrapped up with the famous World Championship. The final competition is normally hosted in Katowice. The competition leads to the positioning of players and teams according to their performance. The players and teams are later awarded according to the type of game they participated in.

The Evolution Championship

This competition is famously known as Evo. Only fighting games are played in the competition. It is currently the largest e-sports competition in the fighting genre. This is a great standing after about two decades since the championship began. This tournament takes place every year. It involves games such as Tekken 7 and Dragon FighterZ.

The Majors Tournament

It is a worldwide offensive tournament. It is an annual tournament which is sponsored by Valve Corporation who are the Counter-Strike game developers. This competition is known as one of the greatest CS:GO competitions. The tournament involves players from all over the world. It is organized by ESL, Dream Hack, and Major League. Valve Corporation is given the task to give a prize money award. It involves teams that qualify from Asia, Europe, America, and CIS.

The Over Watch Cup

In this competition, players represent their respective home countries. Players have to play till the final game to determine the winner. All players are awarded a total of about $16000. South Korea are the reigning champions in this competition.