Conferences are held with different purposes such as passing new information and bringing innovative ideas. Training is also done at conferences. Conferences are attended by professionals in a particular field. For example, IT conferences are mostly attended by experts in the field of tech. There are many IT conferences all over the world. Some of the conferences include:

Consumer Electronics Show

It is a trade show that takes place annually. The organizers of the technology conference are Consumer Technology Association. The main purpose of the event is to present new products and technologies. The event was established on 24th June 1967 at New York City and is active up to date. The most recent edition was in January 2019 and had an average attendance of 182,000 people. The 2019 conference was in Las Vegas, USA.

Some of the presentations made at this show include Windows XP media center in 2002, Motorola Zoom tablet and also some phones that were 4G enabled were launched in 2011. In 2013, Samsung launched the Galaxy S2 plus phone. In 2014, laser diodes were launched. The diodes are used in Audi vehicles for high beam headlights.

IBM Think

This is a summit that brings top world technology visionaries together. Many inventions are brought and they help in changing lives positively. The conference hosts a number of guests. The 2019 edition had 1500 clients and 500 business partners. The summit is involved in preventing human trafficking using artificial intelligence, helping communities with natural disasters and averting the pollution of oceans caused by plastics. The latest edition had speakers such as Lee Halton, Dr. Seth Dobrin, and Dr. Dario Gil among others. The sponsors of this conference are Box, Cisco, Salesforce, and Tech Data. In this conference, there are trials and demos of some top software. The IBM Think conference helps build a foundation for an enterprise.

Share Conference

The Share IT Conference takes place two times every year. This event is held with an aim of helping IT professionals to expand their knowledge, increase organization efficiencies and also to enhance skills. The discussions in this conference revolve around the technology industry. Some of the topics during these sessions include innovative workloads, analytics, and big data. The attendees are also educated on networking.

EM Tech Digital

It is a conference attended by senior executives. The executives are responsible for technology, security, strategy, marketing, and information. They are in charge of business and help in driving innovations and developing products. The EM Tech conference has about 28 members. Some of the members are Pradeep S, TTLee, Holly Depies, and Stanley Nakahara among others. The speakers in the summit include Manuel Bronstein, Stewart Butterfield, and Mike Cassidy. It is usually organized by Digital Summit Series.

Google Cloud Next

It is usually a many days’ conference with the 2019 edition taking three days. There are more than 75 sessions at the conference and they involve product demos and behind-the-scenes interviews. Some featured speakers include Thomas Kurian, Urs H√∂zzle, and Brad Calder among others.