IT has become the major driver of the modern world. Anything you look at today relies to technology to a certain degree- be it work, business, entertainment, or health. It is important, thus, that everyone in the world be in touch with useful IT developments.

IT conferences are where such developments take initial shape. This site therefore looks to take you to these meetings- at least virtually- so that you don’t get left out. This is done through easy-to-understand articles on the site.

Biggest IT Conferences

Get in for a review of the biggest IT conferences that take place across the world. Understand when these fares are held and what topics headline them. Also have a look at some of the great speakers who deliver speeches here and you just might want to catch them at the next edition!

Gaming Events

Gaming has become part and parcel of the modern world. From casino games to outdoor games, people just cannot happen to get enough of this form of entertainment. This section explores gaming in general then narrows down to specifics such as sponsorship in the industry.

It also looks at the various gaming categories and games that fall under each. Lastly, it touches on how technological advancements are affecting gaming.

E-sports Tournaments

E-sports is the latest form of gaming. Do you know what it is? Well, if you don’t, this is the right section for you. It delves into the definition of e-sports then looks at the specific games that fall in this category.

The category itself has sub-categories like FPS and Fighting. Understand what these terms mean and how you can easily identify particular games from an e-sports catalogue. Within this section you will also get a glimpse of the largest tournaments across the world- how they are organized, watching, rewards, etc.

No one can afford to turn a completely blind eye in the modern world. Anyone who tries to do so risks getting eclipsed and unable to run simple day-to-day errands. Now, you really wouldn’t want to be such a person. This site has been created specifically to ensure that you don’t become such.